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A New Dungeons & Dragons Game Is Coming From The Disney Dreamlight Valley Studio

Oh, boy!

Publisher Gameloft has announced that it’s entered a licensing agreement to produce a brand-new game for PC and consoles based on the iconic Dungeons & Dragons universe. The game will be developed by its Montreal Studio, which is the same studio behind the ever-growing Disney Dreamlight Valley and the Dungeon Hunter series.

The game will be set in the Forgotten Realms within the Dungeons & Dragons universe, arguably the most ubiquitous and the same setting as last year’s megahit RPG Baldur’s Gate 3, and will reportedly be a unique hybrid of survival, life simulation and action RPG elements with cooperative play.

We are honored to partner with Wizards of the Coast to deliver a completely new experience in the Dungeons & Dragons universe,” said Lee Kaburis, Executive Producer at Gameloft Montreal in an accompanying press release. “We are all big fans of D&D and are already hard at work bringing our concept to life, including growing our team, and we look forward to sharing more details in the future.”

Making friends, both on and off the table, has always been a core Dungeons & Dragons value and it is our goal, as life-long fans, to bring this experience to a different genre renowned for emergent gameplay and shared narrative that can be enjoyed by both newcomers and tabletop masters alike” added Marc-Andre Deslongchamps, Creative Director at Gameloft Montreal.

The project is seemingly still in its early stages, with Gameloft Montreal also advertising open positions for developers to get in on the action (which you can check out right here), but if the ambition pays off it could be a neat experience. The studio’s Disney Dreamlight Valley has come a long way since it began in early access, and proved that there’s more there than just its mobile roots.

It’s not the only “live service” sounding D&D project in the works either, with Payday developer Starbreeze having announced its own take on the idea late last year – similarly with little more than some concept art.