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Alpha Protocol Is Back After Being Removed From Digital Stores Nearly Five Years Ago

A weirdo classic!

It was all the way back in 2019 that Alpha Protocol, SEGA and Obsidian Entertainment’s scrappy but hugely endearing 2010 espionage RPG, was completely removed from digital stores due to licenses for its music (in particular, Autograph’s “Turn Up the Radio”) having expired.

Fast forward to now, and the legends at have managed to make the game available once again, and better than ever on PC. Alpha Protocol’s updated release not only includes its licensed soundtrack, but also adds achievements to the PC version, support for modern controllers like DualSense, cloud saves and more.

You can grab the game right here for just $22.49 AUD.

GOG has also worked with YouTuber Raycevick to produce an entertaining, 18-minute video on Alpha Protocol, its development, the phenomenon of games being delisted from digital storefronts and the work to bring it back to the world once again. Check it out:

Alpha Protocol GOG Features:

Licensed soundtrack
Immerse yourself in the game’s thrilling espionage atmosphere, accompanied by its iconic tracks.

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Achievements support
Your accomplishments will not go unnoticed, as the achievement system (previously only available on consoles) is fully implemented on GOG.

Full controller support
Whether you own a DualSense, DualShock 4, Nintendo Switch Pro, Xbox Series or Xbox One controller, you can sit back, relax and play Alpha Protocol on any of those (vibrations and wireless mode included).

Localization support
Enjoy the game in your native language with localization support for 8 languages: English (audio & text), French (text), German (text), Italian (text), Spanish (text), Czech (text), Polish (text), Russian (text).

Compatibility with modern operating systems
Whether you’re playing on a modern rig or an older PC, the game will run smoothly on your operating system and adjust its default settings to match your hardware.

Cloud saves support
Don’t worry about losing your save files either, as your GOG copy comes with support for Cloud saves.