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The Epic Games Store Is Coming To iOS And Android This Year

... epic!

During its State of Unreal 2024 presentation at GDC, Epic dropped a few bits of exciting news (including the full reveal of Skydance New Media’s upcoming AAA Marvel game), and it capped things off with the announcement that the Epic Games Store will be making its way to mobile devices both on iOS and Android at some point later this year.

Billed as “true multi-platform store,” the EGS on mobile platforms will reportedly offer the same 88/12 revenue split that developers receive on the PC equivalent, making it a potentially very attractive proposition versus the much larger share taken by the official Apple or Google stores on devices. Of course, it comes as Epic and Apple continue to battle over the former’s ability to launch its own alternative storefront on iOS devices.

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“EGS will become the first ever game-focused, multi-platform store, and will work across Android, iOS, PC, and macOS,” Epic said in its update on the store’s arrival this year. “Mobile developers will benefit from the same fair terms on EGS for PC: 88/12 revenue share and the same programs you can leverage to keep 100% of revenue using your own payments for in-app purchases, Epic First Run, and Now On Epic.”

While it’s naturally going to be a more stable residence for the mobile version of Fortnite, it seems that Epic plans to attract mobile game developers to launch their games on EGS as well.

You can watch the full State of Unreal 2024 presentation below: