immortals of aveum

Immortals Of Aveum Will Be The First Console Game To Use AMD’s FSR3 Frame Generation Tech

Coming in an update very soon!

Immortals of Aveum just launched as one of this month’s included titles for PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers, and while that already represents a great opportunity for players to try out this hugely-underrated and sadly underplayed title from last year, the deal is about to be sweetened even further as an upcoming update will turn it into the first-ever console game to use AMD’s latest FSR 3 frame generation technology.

Coming in patch in “just a few short weeks,” the feature will utilise AMD’s up-to-date temporal upscaling, frame generation and latency reduction to improve the game’s performance, which is already a 60FPS target on consoles. The update will also add support for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) with FSR 3 on both PC and consoles. On PC, the game’s current FSR 3 tech implementation will also be further improved.

The folks at Digital Foundry have already explored the possibilities that FSR 3 frame generation could bring to the game on consoles, and while nothing has been confirmed by the studio, DF believes it’ll mean 120Hz display support thanks to the combination of frame-gen and VRR.

Immortals of Aveum also just received patch which adds HDR to the game on consoles, and HDR will come to the PC version “in a future update.”

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“I work with wizards,” said Adam Creighton, Studio Head for Enduring Games, who helped make this update possible. “At EG, we are about doing hard things that are not yet generally available for gamers or game developers. Since we work with AMD and we work with Ascendant, Enduring Games was in a unique place to enhance our FSR 3 work for PC, and bring the tech to consoles for the first time, all for fans of Immortals of Aveum.”

We gave Immortals of Aveum a huge 9/10 in our review last year, with James saying, “Immortals of Aveum is a steadfast debut that will assuredly put its creators on the map. It combines strong combat mechanics with an engaging story set in an even more engrossing world to offer up a satisfying and complete experience. While the gear system and some console resolution issues might be off-putting for some, Immortals of Aveum is one of the most pleasant surprises in an already burgeoning year and a spellbinding adventure that’s well worth your time.”