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Square Enix Is Launching A Pet Goods Range Featuring Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts And Dragon Quest

Sadly, for Japan only.

Square Enix often launches some really neat bits of merch exclusively for Japanese fans, and usually the lack of wider availability stings a little, but this latest launch might hurt the most.

The publisher has announced that it’s bringing out an exclusive pet goods line dubbed “SQEX Pets” that features a heap of different products designed for your furry best friends and features iconic brands like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.

Seriously, there are pet houses shaped like Dragon Quest’s Slimes, or the Gold Saucer moogle from Final Fantasy VII, there are bandanas and pet beds with Kingdom Hearts monograms or a coat based on Sora’s iconic fashion, there’s even a Buster Sword rope toy. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long time and I just know I’m going to be spending exorbitant amounts to import a bunch of these for my two cats, Bernie and Cool Guy.

To celebrate the release, famed Final Fantasy artist, designer and director Tetsuya Nomura also dropped an adorable new piece of art for the Final Fantasy & Pets theme, and admits in the press release that the idea originated from him, “There are many dog ??and cat lovers at our company, including myself. We don’t have any pet goods based on our work! I realised this and proposed this project. We hope that the lineup that will please many people, including us, will increase in the future.”

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square enix pets

It’s a big year for Final Fantasy in particular, with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth having recently released and Final Fantasy XVI’s second DLC expansion, The Rising Tide, launching very soon on April 18th. We gave Rebirth a huge 9/10 in our review, with Harry saying, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is an immense and expansive middle chapter of this ambitious remake trilogy. A reimagined and redefined behemoth of a game that simultaneously plays on nostalgia and forces you to question your memories of the original. While it suffers from some rote open world elements and a few technical issues, Rebirth is another magnificent entry into the gilded halls of Final Fantasy.”