Sydney Pokemon GO Player Cheated His Way Into Catching All 145 Pokemon

Last week, we reported on an American Pokémon GO player who had already caught 142 Pokémon not including the region-exclusive MR Mime, Tauros and Farfetch’d 

Today, a Sydney man is claiming on Reddit to have caught 145 Pokémon including the region-exclusive Pokémon. Unfortunately, people have been quick to pull apart his story. While he claims to have caught the 142 Pokémon himself, here in Australia, he admits that other users around the world logged into his account in order to catch the Pokémon from the USA, Europe and Japan respectively.

I won’t hide the fact that I did not catch region specifics myself.

I ask a friend in London to catch Mr. Mime near Parliament building. Tauros was a friend who happened to be in Central Park chasing Eevees. Farfethe’d was a friend who went to Japan for trip and when everyone just started. It was near Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.

I have to return the favors by finding them Kangaskhan!