Latest Pokemon GO Update Has References Of Trading, MewTwo and New Incense Types

Redditor cockuspocus has data mined the latest Pokemon GO update and found that some of the most requested Pokemon GO features might not be too far away. The code includes multiple mentions of trading including specific references to searching, offering, responding and a results page.

Also in the code are references to new incense types. ‘item_incence_spicy’, ‘item_incense_cool’ and ‘activity_catch_pokemon’ suggests that Incense for attracting specific types of Pokemon could also be on the way.

Lastly, ‘activity_catch_legend_pokemon’ which is the exact command for catching Pokemon (with legend added in), is also present in the latest update which means that Pokemon such as MewTwo might not be too far away.

You can find a few other bits of information worth reading about in the Reddit thread too.

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