Further to the Nintendo Switch reveal stream happening next Friday, Nintendo has announced a Treehouse Live stream which will show off the upcoming games that are coming to Nintendo Switch.

With only two months until the Nintendo Switch releases, Nintendo has a lot to show off about the console in a short amount of time. It’s expected that the Friday 3pm stream will focus on console functionality, pricing and launch details whilst probably touching on games coming to the system in short trailer form.

This stream which is set to take place at 1:30am on Saturday morning (ADST – Melbourne Time) will presumable give us a much longer look at some of the games announced in the stream.

Personally, I’m hoping to see more of Zelda, Mario Switch, Mario Kart Switch, Super Smash Bros Switch and a few other surprises.

  • heavenshitman1

    I’m sure it won’t happen, but would be nice to be given an indication of a new Metroid, even if its a snippet of footage in a montage trailer or a listed confirmation of a Retro studios project.
    Seriously, we waited over a whole gen, Nintendo please just let us know what’s to come

    • salamander pants

      Nintendo never listen

      • heavenshitman1

        Nintendo are bizzarre. The only company in the world that thinks a good marketing strategy is to hire hitmen to knock off any civilian that comes accross any knowledge of a Nintendo product

      • Adam

        No matter how loudly the 5000 Metroid fans shout, Nintendo don’t listen.