The Switch Joy-Con Grip Included In The Box Is Different To The Joy-Con Charging Grip

It has now been revealed by looking at specs provided on the Nintendo Switch website that the Joy-Con Grip that is included in the Nintendo Switch box, is in-fact very different to the Joy-Con Charging Grip that is available for $39.95 (placeholder price)

As far as we can tell by the specs provided, you cannot charge the Joy-Cons with the provided grip in the box. It’s in-fact literally a plastic shell that holds the Joy-Cons together. To charge them, you’ll need to either put them back onto the docked Switch tablet (which may be an issue if you’re playing on the TV), or you’ll need to pay $39.95 (placeholder pricer) for the Joy-Con Charging Grip which has a USB-C port.

This is also confirmed in the differing weights. The Joy-Con Grip in the box weighs in at 97g whilst the Charging Grip weighs in at 106g.

This might not be an issue as it’s predicted that the Joy-Cons have a battery life of upwards of 20 hours. However, it might be an issue for those that plan to play on the TV for majority of the time and don’t feel like constantly switching out the Joy-Cons from the grip, to the tablet.

The Nintendo Switch will release on March 3rd for $469 AUD.