Lots Of New Nintendo Switch Accessories Are Popping Up On EB Games

So, we’ve seen Nintendo’s official range of accessories for Nintendo Switch as well as Bluemouth’s offering, but EB Games has just uploaded a bunch of other accessories from a variety of other distributors and there’s definitely some good ones to add to your list.

This Zelda Game Card Case is only $19.95 and seems like the perfect companion to your Nintendo switch on launch day.


There’s also a matching set of Zelda Chat Earbuds for $19.95. These are interesting considering Nintendo recently revealed that Switch voice chat would be done through a mobile phone app.


There’s also a JoyCon Grip for $19.95 in Press Start red that’s obviously a necessary purchase too.



You can also grab this Legend of Zelda skin set for your Nintendo Switch tablet and dock for $24.95. It’ll go well with the Black console, but not sure how it’ll look with the fluro Joy-Cons.


If Zelda isn’t your thing, there’s also an epic Super Mario Starter Kit for $29.95 which features Joy-Con covers that we haven’t seen in any other pack.


There’s also basic Zelda and Mario cases for $19.95 if you’re not a fan of any of the other kits available.