This Artwork Reminds Us That The Wii U Was Pretty Bloody Great

Reddit user Plooper14 has created a piece of artwork that reminds us all that the Nintendo Wii U wasn’t as bad as most people will remember.

Yes, the Nintendo Wii U didn’t carry the torch on from the Nintendo Wii sales wise, but it did create some great gaming experiences and quite frankly some new properties that Nintendo will definitely carry forward to the Nintendo Switch and other generations.

Super Mario Maker springs to mind as one of the biggest games that released on Wii U. It inspired hardcore gamers and a younger generation of Nintendo fans to be creative with gaming’s biggest superstar.


Similarly, Splatoon was Nintendo’s answer to an online shooter. Many people mocked it, but it was hugely successful with younger Nintendo fans and specifically in Japan. There’s literally Splatoon concerts that people go mad for.

How could we forget that during the Wii U period, we lost Nintendo president Satoru Iwata who was the visionary at Nintendo for many years. We can see him pictured below in a suit, in a Bayonetta costume and in a Metroid outfit. Right up until his passing, Iwata was responsible for Nintendo Direct as well as many other things that will live on in the culture of Nintendo going forward for years to come.

Yes, the Nintendo Wii U will end up being a failure in the record books, but as Nintendo always do, they still imagined to create some bloody innovative games and delight gamers of all ages.


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