SNES Classic Mini Is Sold Out At EB Games and JB Hi-Fi

UPDATE: After completely disappearing from the EB Games website, it’s now back in stock. You know the drill, it probably won’t last long so get in NOW. 

As we predicted, if you wanted a SNES Classic Mini we hope you’ve already gotten your pre-order in as both EB Games and JB Hi-Fi are showing out of stock on their first allocation. We’re fairly confident that EB Games will also no longer be taking in-store pre-orders but JB Hi-Fi’s preorder system is a little less structured so it might be worth giving your local store a call.

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It’s very unclear whether there will be another allocation online pre-launch, but one thing is for sure, the easiest time to get a SNES Classic Mini has now passed.

Sydney retailer The Gamesmen is still showing stock so if you’re interested, this might be the last time that you can freely pre-order online. It’s expected that Target and Big W will get some stock at launch, but that’s going to be an incredibly tough process once September rolls around.