Putty Pals is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Another Local Co-op Aussie Game Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Melbourne based developer Harmonious Games have announced their colourful puzzle platformer Putty Pals, is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Putty Pals, released earlier this year on PC, is the debut title from the Australian developer who recently was announced to be one of eight Victorian developers receiving financial support, in the latest round of funding from the state government.

At this time there is no release date confirmed, however we contacted the Creative Director of Harmonious Games, Laura Voss, who said Putty Pals will be releasing this Winter (Aus), so not far away!

We also asked Voss about difficulty of bringing their game to the Switch, but it turns out it has been a easier process than most would anticipate. Particularly since the Unity engine supports the Switch (which Putty Pals has been developed with). A greater focus for the Melbourne team has been dealing with the amount of controller options, players have on the portable console.

“Fortunately porting to the Switch hasn’t been too difficult. Only a few modifications had to be made to the base game, but Unity allowed us to have the game up and running very quickly”, said Voss.

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“Technically the greatest challenge has been allowing the players to use the various controller configurations (Joy-Con, Pro-Controller, the Switch handheld etc.) seamlessly so they can play the way they want. It has also been super fun to experiment with Nintendo’s Rumble system!”

Putty Pals in action. Coming soon to the Nintendo Switch!
Putty Pals in action. Coming soon to the Nintendo Switch!

Following the launch of the Nintendo Switch in March, indie developers have been flocking to the hybrid console, but particularly studios creating local co-op experiences.

Earlier this year, Sydney based developer SMG Studio, announced they are bringing their local co-op puzzle game Death Squared to the Switch. Which is releasing next week on the 13th of July.

Australian Publisher Nnooo also announced earlier this year that they are bringing two Australian developed games to consoles. These games are Armed with Wings and Mallow Drops, with the possibility of them coming to the Switch too.

Filled to the brim with puzzles and colours, Putty Pals is an adorable platformer which will be right at home on the Switch.

In regards to whether the locally developed game will making it to the Xbox One and PS4, Voss said it largely depends on the success of the game on the Switch. So we’ll have to wait and see.