Here’s More DOOM On Nintendo Switch Info And Gameplay Footage

For some reason, the Japanese Nintendo Direct had a lot more DOOM gameplay (specifically of the game running on Nintendo Switch) than all of the other directs.

There’s about 30-45 seconds of gameplay in the below trailer. As expected, it definitely looks worse than the PS4/XB1/PC version, but it still looks quite decent and it is obviously a portable game now so that’s fine with me. It still looks every bit as fast paced, gruesome and as frantic as you’d want it to.

Bethesda has revealed some information to Engadget about the specifics around single player and multiplayer. Interestingly enough, if it appears that the cartridge will only have the single player with a seperate download housing the multiplayer. Those that download the game will get both the single player, multiplayer as well as all of the DLC. This

Whilst there isn’t yet a release date for Doom on Nintendo Switch, it’s apparently coming later this year.