New Areas, Story Details And More Revealed For Super Mario Odyssey

During the latest Nintendo Direct this morning more story and gameplay details were released about one of the most anticipated titles for the Switch this year, Super Mario Odyssey.

As part of Mario’s new journey you’ll be teaming up with ‘Cappy’, to not only stop Bowser marrying Princess Peach, but to save Cappy’s sister too. Hence how Mario has his new ability to take control of enemies as shown previously.

The new footage gave us a better look at many of the areas you’ll be able to explore in Odyssey too, including a new snow land the Snow Kingdom Shiveria and the sunny Seaside Kingdom Bubblaine. In which we saw one of Nintendo’s most exciting products to date, Mario’s Nipples.

In order to travel to all these new funky fresh lands, Mario uses his cap shaped ship, the ‘Odyssey’ (it is all coming together now!), which runs on Power Moons that are scattered across the world.

Through collecting these moons through puzzles, mini games and generally finding them throughout each area, it’ll unlock new areas and let the Odyssey take you to explore the extensive looking world of Super Mario Odyssey.

Following the industry trend, Mario will be getting his own photo feature, in ‘Snapshot Mode‘ to capture moments during gameplay. A simple yet great feature we hope more games adapt to their own.

Take a look at the new areas and gameplay modes on offer in the trailer below.

Super Mario Odyssey is coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 27th of October and will be getting its own Switch hardware bundle launching alongside the game.

Coming out the same day is the three new Wedding style Mario Odyssey amiibo figures, which will give players unique outfits to use in the game.