More Evidence That Metroid Prime 4 Is Being Developed By Bandai Namco Has Emerged

Earlier today, a YouTuber posted a video claiming that they’d come across a LinkedIN profile of a Namco Bandai Singapore developer that had listed the fact that they were working on an Unannounced Game (First Person Shooter/Adventure Exclusive to Nintendo Switch) as well as Ridge Racer 8 as a Switch exclusive.

Now, this first person shooter/adventure could not be Metroid, but rumours have been swirling since its announcement from known Nintendo insiders that Metroid Prime 4 is being developed by Bandai Namco. 

Whilst the profile of the dev was not posted in the video, I have tracked it down and can confirm that it is a legitimate profile with 20 years experience across of a number of reputable publishers.

I did some further digging across Namco Bandai Singapore employees and it’s interesting to note that quite a lot of them have come over from LucasFilm after the cancellation of Star Wars 1313. It’s also worth noting that quite a lot of them use wording like “working on a well-known unannounced IP” or an “exciting unannounced IP’ in their experience.