The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Has A Car, Submarine And A Plane

Nintendo has today announced the Nintendo Labo Vehicle kit which is the third Labo kit for the Switch. It will release on September 14th and cost $69.99 USD.

It has five Toy-Con projects including:

  • Toy-Con Car
  • Toy-Con Pedal
  • Toy-Con Plane
  • Toy-Con Key
  • Toy-Con Submarine

In terms of the games that you’ll be playing, they look a little more complex than the games that were featured in the variety kit. Nintendo hasn’t revealed too much about them yet, but there’s a trailer below:


  • Cardboard sheet x 25 (includes extra sheet for customization)
  • Reflective sticker sheet x 1
  • Sponge sticker sheet x 1
  • String x 1
  • Grommet set (gray) x 2
  • Grommet set (red) x 2
  • Rubber bands (large) x 3 + spares
  • Rubber band (small) x 12 + spares