The Nintendo Switch Has A Hidden VR Mode

This is wild.

Twitter user ‘random666_KYS’ has uncovered a hidden VR Mode on Nintendo Switch. It was found within the firmware, after data miners discovered a VR command that had been written into the Nintendo Switch since 3.0.0.

After playing around with the ‘VR Mode’ menu, the user was able to get the same image to display on both sides of the screen (which is exactly what you’d expect to happen in a VR Mode).

It also says “Please move the console away from your face and click the close button” which makes sense too.

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In all honesty, I’d be very surprised if we saw VR hit the big time on Nintendo Switch, but i could totally see Nintendo doing something with this for Nintendo Labo or the like.

You might remember, but there were rumours swirling before launch that Nintendo would try and incorporate VR into the Nintendo Switch. This would be achieved by putting the tablet in another device that would presumably sit on your face.


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