Cuphead Is Coming To Nintendo Switch With Xbox Live Support

Studio MDHR has announced during the Nindies Showcase that Cuphead will release on Nintendo Switch on April 18th.

It will run at 720p/60fps in handheld mode, and Xbox Live integration will come at a later date with achievements.

Studio MDHR also announced that a free update would come to all owners of the game (regardless of what platform they’re on).

Double Fine’s New Game RAD Allows You To Mutate Into Epic Creatures

These include:

  • Character select with playable Mugman in single player
  • Fully animated cut scenes
  • 10 different localized language support (choosable from the menu) including custom Japanese/Korean/Chinese hand calligraphy!
  • New art, new intros, new jingle when you beat a boss with Mugman.
  • Faster load times
  • Smaller footprint on your hard drive
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We’ll have more from the Nindies Showcase later this morning.