This New Nintendo Switch Controller Has A Headphone Jack And Programmable Paddles

PDP has announced an officially Nintendo licensed controller that allows voice chat and in-game audio through a headphone jack.

The controller will connect VIA usb (which means it’ll only work in TV mode), but it has a customisable faceplate, paddles on the back of the controller (which are programmable) as well as the previously mentioned headphone jack which will allow you to change audio on the fly via the D-Pad.

It’s set to come out in May and retails for $25 USD (so it’ll convert to about $40-50 here).

You can find the product description below:

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Plug your headset into the first controller for Nintendo Switch with built-in audio. The 3.5mm audio jack in the Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller supports in-game audio for all games and USB-chat for compatible titles. You can also adjust the audio on-the-fly using the D-pad on the controller. Plug in the controller and your go-to headset, and you’re ready to start commanding your team!

You can customize your gameplay with the dual programmable paddle-style buttons on the back of the controller, and swap out and snap in different Faceoff faceplates with the unique interchangeable design.