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A New Nintendo Switch Controller Could Be Getting Announced This Week And A Switch Nintendo 64 Controller Looks Likely

An FCC filing has revealed that a new Nintendo Switch controller could be getting revealed later this week. The FCC has listed a game controller that is being created by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, with a short term confidentiality applied until Friday, September 24th. The fact that a confidentiality period was specified, would normally mean that this is due to end when the product is set to be announced.

This leads us to believe that Nintendo will announce the controller later this week, before the US government body is allowed to share plans. The controller is labelled HAC-043, which follows the naming convention of other Switch controllers.

Previously, Nintendo had requested confidentiality on controllers in the same way, most recently for the SNES controller that was revealed alongside Super Nintendo games being added to Nintendo Switch Online.

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A report by VGC shows that two labels have been so far included on the FCC filing, which look to match the placement of the Nintendo 64 controller.


It was previously rumoured that GameBoy games and potentially Nintendo 64 games were to be added to Nintendo Switch Online so it’s likely that we could see this announcement later this week. So far, Nintendo has only opted to release one console at a time on Nintendo Switch Online. It seems like it’d be weird for them to drop more than one, but it does feel like NSO needs a boost at the moment.