Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstar’s New Overview Trailer Reveals More Minigames, Modes And Boards

Nintendo has released a new overview trailer for Mario Party Superstar’s and I’ve got to say, I’m very hyped for this one.

We get a better look at the five Mario Party 64 boards which have received a glow-up. These include Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Space Land, Peach’s Birthday Cake, Woody Woods and Horror Land.

We also get another look at the 100+ minigames which all come from 10 iterations of Mario Party (most being the first three games). I highly recommend looking at all the mini games here for a nostalgia hit but there’s some absolute classics such as Mushroom Mix-Up, Shy Guy Says, Bobsled Run, Handcar Havoc and Cast Aways (the one that broke your hand and controller back in the day).

The game has full online this time around, and when playing locally, you can suspect matches with friends to take a break and jump into another mode and come back to layer.

Mt. Minigames is where you’ll be able to try out a bunch of minigames in Tag Match, Trio Challenge, Sports and Puzzles, Survival, Coin Battle and a daily challenge online which will obviously change each and every day.

The game is out on October 29th. Amazon is the cheapest place to pre-order and you can grab it for $68 with free delivery here.