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Nintendo Has Debuted Its New Visual Studio Nintendo Pictures With An Official Website

Here we go!

Nintendo has finally completed a long-gestating deal to acquire Japanese visual imagery studio, Dynamo Pictures, which is now rebranded as Nintendo Pictures.

The studio will be responsible for planning and producing visual content based on Nintendo IP, which is a very broad mission statement that could mean anything from short-to-feature length films, TV content, advertisements, in-game cinematics and anything in-between.

The official Japanese website for Nintendo Pictures launched at the closure of the deal, and comes with the following (translated) statement:

“Nintendo Pictures Co., Ltd. is a video production company wholly owned by Nintendo Co. , Ltd.

We aim to have consumers around the world learn about Nintendo characters through video, and to create unique videos that will remain in their memories forever.

To that end, each and every one of our employees will always think about what our customers around the world will find interesting, and we will work hard to create an organization that can continue to grow by engaging in video production with interest.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to continue providing unique and surprising images to customers around the world, transcending generations and eras.”

It’s worth noting that this likely has little to do with the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film, which is being developed in a partnership between Nintendo and Illumination (Despicable Me). The film was most recently delayed to April 2023, but a debut teaser trailer is set to premier this week on Friday, October 7th at 7AM AEDT.