mario rabbids sparks of hope dlc

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope’s First DLC And A Free Demo Are Out Today

Try before you BWAAAH!

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope, last year’s top-tier sequel to the 2017 surprise hit, Kingdom Battle, just got its first chunk of downloadable content – and a free demo!

“The Tower of Doooom” hits the Nintendo Switch eShop today as part of the game’s paid Season Pass, and introduces new and old characters alongside a challenging, combat-focused climb up the titular tower with randomised battles and character rosters. Succeeding in the Tower of Doom will also unlock new expeditions, increased difficulty and new cosmetic unlocks.

Players can access the DLC as part of the Season Pass or in the Gold Edition of Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope.

Also dropping today is a free playable demo of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope that allows curious players to get a taste of the game via the entire prologue and a portion of the first planet, making for roughly a two-hour sampler.

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The demo can be found on the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

We gave Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope a massive 9/10 in our review, saying “While Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is a markedly different game than Kingdom Battle, it’s a more than worthy sequel that successfully steps into its own space within the realm of turn-based strategy. It’s undoubtedly one of the best games on the Switch, and one of the best showings from Ubisoft in recent years.”