Dead by Daylight’s New Killer is a Nightmare

Indie publisher Starbreeze AB and Canadian development studio Behaviour Interactive have announced a new introductory chapter for their asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight and it is available now. 

The 1st chapter, titled “The Last Breath” is now available for free on PC via Steam and features:

  • A new Killer called the Nurse
  • A new Survivor called Nea Karlsson
  • A new map called the Asylum

The new killer is painfully ghoulish, noticeably resembling the nurses from Silent Hill with her uniform old fashioned and falling apart and her face clad with filthy bandages. As well as being the first killer to be included in DLC, The Nurse is also the first female killer to be introduced to Dead by Daylight. She wields a vicious a bone saw and possesses several unique abilities that are sure to trouble even the most seasoned survivors but just hearing her shrill shriek is enough to spook me.

The Nurse’s Stridor ability enables her to hear the breathing of injured players more easily, thus making it easier for her to find them. Her second perk, Thanatophobia (meaning a fear of death), allows her to slow down the rate of healing, repairing and sabotaging whilst a survivor is hooked. A Nurse’s Call has an almost charming sound to it but it is anything but, this perk allows The Nurse to sense the aura’s of nearby survivor’s who are healing or trying to heal. Finally and worst of all in my books, this monstrous mistress has the ability to teleport using Spencer’s Last Breath. The Nurse can charge her teleportation ability to extend the range of her ability and can additionally change multiple teleportation blinks together (Think Tracer from Overwatch). Fortunately for survivors, the Killer is stunned for a moment after using this ability, allowing them at least a shot at high-tailing if they have the misfortune of bumping into her.

Free to play from the 18th-21st of August on Steam, Dead by Daylight is a four-player multiplayer online game that invites one player to assume the role of a crazed and dangerous killer while the remaining players aim to evade and survive the insane antagonist’s pursuit. In this deadly game of cat and mouse, both the killer and survivors use earned skills known as “perks” to outsmart one another, using quick wit and dexterity to ultimately triumph over their opponent and to earn as many points as possible along the way.