Australian developer Games of Edan announced today their FPS speedrunner Icebox, has been Greenlit through Steam's Greenlight program

Australian Developed FPS ‘ICEBOX’ Has Been Greenlit In Under Three Weeks

Australian developer Games of Edan announced yesterday their FPS speed runner Icebox, has been Greenlit through Steam’s Greenlight program

Adelaide based developer Carmine, and the sole man behind Games of Edan, announced the news on Steam yesterday.

It’s with immense gratitude that I can announce the Icebox has been Greenlit!

The Greenlight campaign for Icebox launched over two weeks ago, and received a ton of positive feedback and support on Steam Greenlight. Particular praise has been made of the visuals and concept, which feel heavily Tron influenced, which I felt and enjoyed when playing it back in July at AVCon.

Thank you for all your support and words of encouragement throughout the campaign. It’s been an honor and privilege to get acquainted with new players, streamers, developers and mentors. I feel proud and blessed to be part of this community.

The Icebox will now continue in it’s development, and you can expect future announcements for later releases (testing and final) to be published here (on Steam) and on Games Of Edan.

Icebox is a 3D platformer, First Person Shooter and speed runner with procedurally generated levels. Although there is no set release date as of yet, the developer is aiming for early-2017, with it set to come to Windows, Mac OSX and possibly Linux.