30 Minutes Of Shannon Noll, Roxy Jacenko And Their Squad Playing PUBG Has Appeared And Oh Boy

A few weeks ago we reported on the fact that Lenovo was putting together a squad of non-gamers to play PUBG at the Lenovo’s Legion of Champions event in Sydney.

Well, the footage of Shannon Noll, Roxy Jacenko, Steve Bradbury and Cassidy McGill playing PUBG has appeared and it’s pretty glorious.

In all seriousness, it’s pretty cool that Lenovo was able to get four people who probably wouldn’t normally be seen in this kind of environment playing games (on camera nonetheless), but it’s surprising to absolutely nobody that they performed pretty terribly. I don’t believe they got any kills (or even damaged any enemies) but I can’t say that I’d do any better myself.

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The team that won the event include: captain, Testroy10RG, Textil3, Spaggy, Joombie and HappyNoVitez topped the leader board with 37 kills and 66 points. They’ll now go on to play in the Grand Final in Bangkok from December 13th to 15th.

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