Microsoft FLight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Massive 95gb Client Game Download Is Taking People Forever

Microsoft Flight Simulator is out on PC today and no doubt, people are rushing to play it. It’s currently sitting at a 93 on Metacritic. We gave it a 10/10 in our review and absolutely loved our time with it.

Gamers have taken to Twitter throughout the day claiming that they’re having issues with the large in-game client download. You were able to pre-load the game on the Xbox PC app, but it only downloaded the client (1gb) causing you to download over 90gb within the client.

The problem is that the client’s download speeds are significantly slower than that of the Xbox app and other launchers, and people’s downloads are stalling mid download or near the end. People also aren’t too happy with the fact that it plays music (which you need to turn down on the system side) whilst it installs.

In an even more interesting turn of events, it seems as though the client wasn’t being downloaded for people that purchased the game on Steam initially, although that’s now been rectified.

At the end of the day, it’s not an ideal situation to pre-load something and expect to be able to play it instantly as soon as it launches, only to be faced with a rather slow 90gb download (which is large for Australian internet), but it’ll be definitely worth the wait once you do get the game.

It’s free right now for Xbox Game Pass subscribers in PC, so if you’ve got a suitable rig, definitely jump in and explore the world. The game is also coming to Xbox One (and presumably Xbox Series X) at a later date although Microsoft hasn’t announced a release date on consoles as of yet. It’s definitely a game that should be able to be played as many as possible, and one that Microsoft can stand to be proud of.