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Melbourne’s Glorious Monolith In Microsoft Flight Simulator Was Caused By A Typo

We knew there had to be a simple reason for the fact that there was a 200 story building in the middle of Essendon in Microsoft Flight Simulator and now we know the exact reason why.

It turns out that it was a simple typo in the Open Maps structure that seems to have been exported for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator. What was originally a two story building was turned into a 212 floor story building, which explains why there’s a behemoth of a building in Melbourne in the game.

Honestly, I hope it stays in the game. I loved Microsoft Flight Simulator for its stunning visuals and allowing me and see some super realistic sights across the world, but since it launched earlier this week, I’ve loved seeing all the weird stuff that people are finding around the world. It provides another reason to explore even the places that are closets to you.