Escape simlator

Escape Simulator Is Out Today And Ready To End Friendships

If you’ve ever done an escape room experience in real life, you’ll know how dangerous the combination of tension and brain-teasing puzzles can be in ruining friendships. If that recalls any unpleasant memories, I’ve got good news for you because Escape Simulator is a first-person, online co-op enabled escape room video game that’s out right now on PC.

From developer, Pine Studio, Escape Simulator ships with 15 rooms to puzzle your way out of either solo or with friends online, each designed by actual escape room operators and filled with interactive objects and challenges. If that’s not enough, there are also tools included to enable community-created escapes, which should be an absolute treat to see blowing up in the online and streaming space.

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If you’re keen to get stuck into (and hopefully subsequently out of) Escape Simulator or start making your own escape rooms, you can grab it on Steam right now with a 10% discount until October 26 for only $19.35! There’s also a demo available on the Steam page to try it out first.