Dying Light 2 Will Take 500 Hours To Fully Complete

It’s been revealed today through its official Twitter account that Techland’s upcoming open-world zombie role-playing game Dying Light 2 would take up to “500 hours” to complete. This is an amount of time that’s nearly comparable to walking from Warsaw to Madrid.

After an expectedly alarmed response from gamers who don’t have 500 spare hours to spend on one game, the developer took to Twitter once again to clarify the 500-hour claim.

It turns out that the original claim of a 500-hour completion time relates to checking absolutely everything the game’s open-world has to offer off of the list, while “regular players” should be able to finish the story, side quests, and “do quite a lot of exploring” in less than 100 hours.

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While that’s quite a difference, it begs the question as to what else the game offers beyond its story and side quests that’ll add an additional 400 hours to its run time.

Dying Light 2 releases on February 4, 2022, for all consoles including a cloud version for Nintendo Switch. The cheapest copy is currently $74.90 on Amazon.