The Quarry

The Quarry Apparently Has An Insane 186 Unique Endings

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Player choice has always been the drawcard of games like Until Dawn, where the horror is largely player-driven and the fates of all of the game’s characters rest in the player’s hands. Because of just how many permutations are possible, a lot of these games feature multiple endings.

Until Dawn reportedly had six proper true endings, but it seems as though Supermassive Games have expanded their planning for their upcoming horror successor The Quarry, which was originally announced last month.

The Quarry is expected to feature a truly insane 186 unique endings.

In a chat with IGN, the game’s director Will Byles went into detail about how difficult it is to handle this insane amount of variables and the toll it took on the game’s cast.

Where most actors are used to 100-page scripts for most feature films, Byles revealed that the script for The Quarry was in excess of 1,000 pages.

“We have to shoot 50 pages a day, which is unheard of,” said Byles. “It’s a mad amount of footage.”

It’s easy to imagine that much of the bloating of the game’s script comes from having to act out minor permutations to any given situation in the game, leading to the branching dialogue options and consequences that these games are known for.

If that’s a bit overwhelming, The Quarry is set to feature a Movie Mode, which as the name suggests will let players watch The Quarry as though it were a regulation horror film, placing the player input aside.