This Upcoming Indie Game Is Getting An Official Pirate-Themed Release Exclusively On Torrent Sites

Please Fix The Road is a new, upcoming indie puzzler from solo developer Ariel Jurkowski that tasks players with (you guessed it) fixing a series of roads using predetermined tools to allow vehicles and animals to get to where they need to go.

The game itself looks all kinds of cute, minimalistic puzzling fun, but probably the most interesting thing about it is its release plan for PC which includes Steam, GOG, and pirate websites.

Yep, Please Fix The Road is getting an officially-sanctioned torrent release for all of the freeloaders out there. Unlike some other intentional video game torrent releases that have trolled users with broken builds or unwinnable scenarios in the past though, this will be a perfectly playable release – albeit missing future updates and with a few pirate-themed flourishes.

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Jurkowski has even tweeted out the details ahead of time:

Please Fix The Road is releasing for PC in June 2022. You can wishlist it on Steam here. Or pirate it, if you want.