Scorn Is Now Releasing A Bit Earlier Than Expected

It's Scorn!

Scorn, the first-person horror game out of Ebb Software, will now be releasing one whole week earlier according to its publisher Kepler Interactive.

It’s being moved up to October 14, a week ahead of its original October 21 release date. Given how busy that particular week of October is, it’s probably a sound strategy to get the game out ahead of the real rush.

James recently got to go hands-on with the game’s prologue and lauded the game’s atmosphere stating: “The atmosphere is so perfectly executed that even if it falls short in any other area, I’ll still find it charming in a strange and macabre way.” We’re certainly eager to get our hands on the game when it launches.

Scorn is now releasing October 14 for Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.