counter strike 2

It Sounds Like Counter-Strike 2 Could Be Revealed Soon

With a beta this month.

Journalist and prominent Counter-Strike leaker, Richard Lewis, has made the bold claim that Valve is gearing up to announce Counter-Strike 2 as soon as this month.

Following the discovery of references to a “CSGO2” executable in the latest NVIDIA drivers, Lewis says that he was contacted by sources speaking under the condition of anonymity, who informed him that a new version of CS:GO operating on the Source 2 engine is very real, tentatively titled Counter-Strike 2, and launching as a beta this month or very early April.

Lewis’ sources have said that CS2 will feature improved match-making and 128 tick official servers, but otherwise it sounds like this will essentially function as a port of the game to the newer engine with everything else – including things like player progression and skins – hopefully left intact.

Several professional CS:GO players had reportedly recently been flown out to Valve HQ in Seattle to test out this new version of Counter-Strike.

You can read the full story here but, while seemingly backed up by plausible sources and evidence, without official confirmation from Valve this is all still firmly in rumour territory.