It Looks Like Steam Will Soon Allow Players To Hide Individual Games

Not sure why you'd want that...

It looks like Steam is finally about to introduce a highly-requested feature, allowing players to mark individual games as private on their profile and completely hide them from friends.

Currently, in order to attempt to mask any questionable activity on Steam (I say let your little freak flag fly, but that’s obviously not for everyone), your only option is to totally lock down your profile so that nobody can see anything at all, which isn’t always ideal. This change will make it much easier for folks to maintain a presence on Steam without having to expose the 250 hours they’ve put into My Furry Dictator.

Valve hasn’t made an official announcement on the feature just yet, but SteamDB creator, Pavel Djundik, shared a screenshot of it in action over on X, showing that players will be able to easily tuck individual titles away from their public-facing profile:

In other Steam news, Valve just announced a brand-new model of the Steam Deck, dubbed the Steam Deck OLED. It’s packing improved battery life and efficiency among other upgrades as well as a bigger, better OLED screen – which sadly won’t help with your Steam privacy but is still pretty neat. You can read more about it here.