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Diablo IV Has Taken Over A Whole French Cathedral With Incredible Art

Is this allowed??

Blizzard is no stranger to some creative marketing, but this new promotional stunt for Diablo IV might be one of its boldest yet.

In collaboration with famed Baroque artist, Adam Miller, and a team of artists, an enormous 160-foot mural made up of 20 unique paintings has been erected in an honest-to-goodness cathedral (deconsecrated, for what it’s worth) in Cambrai, France.

The gigantic masterpiece adorns the wall, ceiling and dome inside the Chapelle des Jésuites and features over 200 square metres of canvas with art depicting the Hero’s Journey in the context of the world of Diablo.

You can check out a great little behind the scenes look at the creation of the mural, directed by Henry Hobson and voiced by Charles Dance (Game of Thrones) below:

What’s more, fans who jump into the Diablo IV Open Beta and reach max level with any class will have the chance to be featured on the mural itself, with their face painted into the visage of a Diablo hero battling evil. Four players will be selected in total, with one from each of the eligible regions.

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Interestingly, it seems that Aussies are unable to participate in this one, but players from New Zealand are eligible to enter and win as part of the Asia Pacific region.

The Diablo IV Open Beta is on this month, with an Early Access period for anyone who pre-purchases the game running from March 18th-20th and then an Open period for all to participate in from March 25th-27th.

The beta will reportedly allow players to experience a deep look into the early game including the Prologue and Act 1 with a level cap of 25. We were lucky enough to preview this portion of the game in early December last year, you can read all about our experience and first impressions right here.

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