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Amnesia: The Bunker Has Had A Very Last Minute Delay

Let's hope it's entrenched.

Amnesia: The Bunker, the next title in the well-respected horror series, was originally slated to release as soon as next week on May 23rd, but developer Frictional Games has announced that it’s had to delay the game by two weeks to June 6th.

The reason for the delay is the last-minute discovery of some issues during certification, including multiple instances of game crashes that are apparently “rare… very difficult to identify, reproduce, and thereby also fix,” according to the game’s creative lead, Fredrik Olsson.

When the game does eventually release on June 6th, it’ll be coming to PS5, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, and a free PC demo is headed to steam just before the original launch date on May 22nd.

Amnesia: The Bunker puts players in the shoes of French solider, Henri Clément, left to fend for himself in a desolate WW1 bunker and deal with an ever-present monster that stalks the tunnels and reacts to sights and sounds. The game is set to feature a semi-open world with open-ended solutions and procedural behaviour for the hellish threat, so it should be a treat for survival horror fans and anyone who enjoyed the likes of SOMA and the earlier Amnesia games.

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Image transcript:


The release of Amnesia: The Bunker has been delayed by two weeks due to unforseen certification issues. This decision is crucial to ensure we do not ship the game with these issues.

The extra time will allow us to rectify the problem and ensure the best possible gameplay experience upon release. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Amnesia: The Bunker will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, PlayStation, and Xbox on June 6.

On a more positive note, we have a FREE DEMO coming to Steam on May 22, so mark the date!”