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Nicki Minaj Has Arrived In Call Of Duty

This ana-COD-na don't want none unless you got guns, hun!

Update: For those who’ve been waiting, Nicki Minaj has finally landed in Call of Duty for a crisp 2,400 COD Points (around $30).

Nicki’s Operator Bundle includes an exclusive loading screen, the Nicki Whip vehicle skin, The Baddest and Super Freaky weapon blueprints, a tracer pack that shoots bullets with a pink glow and more.

Check out the promotional video for the Nicki Minaj Operation Bundle here:

I got that Super Bass



PS: 4X57-XFNH-8TA9

Activision has dropped a ton of new details on Season 05 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II/Call of Duty: Warzone including the return of classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer maps, new modes, vehicles, operators and more. The new season drops on August 3rd AEST on all platforms and you can read up on everything that’s new and different in Season 05 right here on the Call of Duty blog.

Alongside this announcement, it was also revealed that Call of Duty is getting three very special new limited-time Operators in the form of Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg and 21 Savage. In celebration of 50 Years of Hip Hop, all three will become available during Season 05 and players will also be able to claim free “Hip Hop War Tracks” just for logging into the game between August 7th and August 16th.

Here’s what the blog post has to say about each of these new Operators:

Snoop Dogg (Launch Window)

Please take a step back for the owner of Death Row Records.

Call of Duty and the D-O-DOUBLE G have been in the same rotation since 2014 when, in celebration of a certain yearly occasion, the Doggfather blessed the community with the dulcet tones that only Snoop can provide.

Now for Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone, Snoop Dogg returns once more. He is ready for any operation, whether it’s going under Deep Cover or going in guns blazin’. . . .

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Don’t make any bad decisions; the Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle will be here as part of Call of Duty’s celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop. More information is to come in the Battle Pass, Bundles and BlackCell blog, which will post prior to launch.

Remember: At the end of the day, it’s a Doggy Dogg World, and we’re living in it.

Nicki Minaj (In-Season)

Playtime is over; this is not “Chill Nicki”; this is Red Ruby Da Sleeze.

Nicki Minaj first teamed up with Call of Duty earlier in 2022, because yes, she holds the control like the gamers . . . do we have a problem with that?

Now in Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone, she’s ready to make all rival Operators pound the alarm, as Nicki Minaj has her own Store Bundle, perfect for those who think they have good form across Battle Royale, DMZ, Multiplayer, and Special Ops.

Nicki is known to break barriers in hip hop, and this is no different; come Season 05, she will be Call of Duty’s first-ever self-named female Operator.

Get ready to run and hide come Season 05.

21 Savage (Mid-Season)

Call him a rockstar or Mr. Right Now, no matter what, he’s 21 Savage.

Born in London and raised in Atlanta, a community he continues to give back to through philanthropic efforts, the Slaughter King went from underground hero to award-winning rapper.

Now, without warning, it’s time for him to go Savage Mode in Call of Duty – expect an Operator Bundle featuring 21 Savage to drop as part of the Reloaded offerings.

You can see the Launch Trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone Season 05 below: