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Baldur’s Gate 3’s Second Major Update Lets You Banish Your Friends To A Spooky Closet

Goodbye, hangers-on.

Larian has dropped another major update for its mammoth hit RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3, closely following its first big patch with yet another laundry-list of updates that introduce fixes, improvements and some handy new UI features along with a handful of additional scenes. Those who’ve been checking out the game’s co-op play will be happy to know that their friends’ characters can finally be dismissed from their parties (at least temporarily, by way of a magical and not at all shady wardrobe owned by your favourite skeletal weirdo, Withers) and Karlach has been given a little more time to shine with new ending scenes and companion moments.

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official website here, but some of the bigger highlights among the changes and improvements can be found below:

Baldur’s Gate 3 Update #2 Highlights



  • Introducing Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends! You can now dismiss co-op party members from your campaign.
  • Performance optimisations across the board.
  • Reduced the size of save games.


  • This patch brings an additional scene to conclude the ending in which Karlach decides to travel to Avernus.
  • If Karlach is in your party at the end of the game and the Blade of Avernus offers to go to the Hells with her, you can now decide whether to go with them, go alone with Karlach, or let them go by themselves.
  • Added new moments for companion and avatar Karlach to reflect on the state of her engine between acts.
  • Added a new moment for avatar Karlach to reflect on the possibility of her engine burning out after getting her second upgrade.
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  • Fixed potentially getting stuck in combat because a player character cannot be selected to end their turn.
  • Fixed an issue causing you to get stuck in dialogue with Angry Mar’hyah and Oyster Boy Dringo by the Sword Coast Couriers.

UI Improvements

  • Added a ‘Delete all but latest’ option for each campaign, so you can regain a little storage space wiggle room.
  • Added new icons for equipped items! It’s easier to tell if they’re equipped by the selected character, one of your characters, or another player’s character. (Who’s hoarding all the interesting equipment?)
  • Added item rarity filters to the inventory.
  • Your Turn notification now lists which character’s turn it is.
  • The character summary on Level Up will now update to reflect changes in ability scores.
  • The Active Search list now persists after being opened and is more informative.
  • Action Radial now creates containers for spells created by other spells, making them easier to manage.