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Star Wars Outlaws Will Feature NVIDIA’s DLSS 3 And RTX Direct Illumination Tech At Launch

These are the frames you're looking for.

As part of a drop of news on a bunch of existing and upcoming games to utilise its various visual technologies, NVIDIA has revealed a heap of detail on the PC version of Ubisoft Massive’s Star Wars Outlaws, which is slated to launch later this year.

From launch, Star Wars Outlaws will support NVIDIA’s latest DLSS technologies like DLSS 3 Frame Generation on RTX 40 Series cards, and DLSS Super Resolution on all other GeForce RTX GPUs to hugely boost performance.

Maybe most excitingly, Star Wars Outlaws on PC is also being enhanced with NVIDIA RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI) and ray-traced Global Illumination lighting. RTXDI balances performance and visuals by figuring out the most important light samples in the game to cast physically accurate ray-traced shadows, which should provide Outlaws a richly-lit atmosphere without sacrificing stability – especially on 40 Series cards.

The game will also feature support for NVIDIA Reflex on all compatible cards, reducing system latency to increase responsiveness in the game.

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“Here at Massive Entertainment, worldbuilding is a part of our DNA, and what better way to showcase our craft than creating the first-ever open world Star Wars game,” says the game’s technical director Tobias Carlsson in NVIDIA’s news post. “Filled with distinct locations across the galaxy’s outer rim, both iconic and new, players will be able to experience the Star Wars underworld like never before. DLSS 3 gives us the performance headroom to bring our vision to life and to support additional ray tracing features, helping gamers fully immerse themselves in the adventures of Kay Vess and Nix.”

You can check out a short teaser video showing off these technologies in action below: