Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Redownload Will Fix PS4 Performance Issues

PS4 players were having major issues with Fallout 4’s Far Harbour. Foggy island which is where the majority of Far Harbor takes place on, runs incredibly terrible on PS4, dropping to as low as 15FPS at times. Bethesda reissued a new version of the DLC, which required gamers to redownload in order to apparently fix the performance.

Digital Foundry have compared the previous version of the update with the newly uploaded version and found that the overall performance has been significantly improved. You can find their comparison below.

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A new report from the tech-minded team states the DLC’s frame rate is now back at a solid 30 FPS, as you’d expect. To bring this about, Bethesda has had to dial back volumetric fog – which, to be frank, may come as something of a relief to those who found the effect more annoying than atmospheric. The video above shows off the change.

While Far Harbor is chock a block with fun but many PS4 users found the foggy island nigh unbearable thanks to performance dips as low as 15 FPS. If you’re on the North American PSN you can download the fixed Far Harbor DLC for PS4 now.