Sony Says PS4 Pro’s “4K Gaming” Claim Is Not Misleading

Andrew House has gone on the record stating that the PS4 Pro’s 4K Gaming claims should not be downplayed. It’s well documented that initially, most of the PS4 Pro’s gaming catalogue will be upscaled to 4K, which is not the worst thing in the world.

“I would say the majority [of games] will be upscaled – at least based on the game portfolio I have seen to date,” House told Digital Spy.

When asked if stating that 4K gaming was a misleading term, House said: “No, I don’t think so. I think that whatever the term is, it’s a question of whether people see a demonstrable difference in the game experience or not, rather than the term we use to apply to it. I think that’s what people are looking for and they’ll make their judgement as to whether that’s working for them or not.”

One thing is certain, whether it’s true 4K or upscaled 4K, Sony still believes that the visual fidelity of these games will still be remarkably better. Earlier this week, we wrote a piece about the difference between upscaling and native 4K gaming. You can find that here.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is out on November 10th for $559 AUD.

Thanks, Gamefly.