Death Stranding Is Still Very Early In Production As Kojima Continues To Fine-tune Engine

Talking candidly to Greg Miller at RTX Sydney, Hideo Kojima spoke a little bit more about the production timing of Death Stranding. He also revealed more about the collaboration between Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions on the work of the Decima engine.

Kojima revealed that the team was still running tests using the engine last year before deciding that Guerrilla and Kojima games would together work to make modifications in the engine, rather than Kojima taking the engine solely.

He revealed that due to the fact that there are many differences between Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding, there’s some major modifications needed as Horizon is very colourful whilst Death Stranding is quite dark and neutral. Also, Death Stranding will be photorealistic whilst Horizon tends to go for for more of a fantasy setting.

The game is running in the engine, and you can see the open-world coming to life, but the company is still working on the game logic.

The framework for the game is done, but this year will be about implementing this framework into the game engine.

When asked about a release date directly, Kojima wouldn’t speak about release timing, but did reveal that there is a date in mind and Kojima plans to stick to it.