Over the last few days, the internet has been alight with some pretty hilarious Mass Effect Andromeda gifs full of people walking oddly and facial animations that aren’t quite what we’re used to from Bioware. We’ve experienced some weirdness in our play through so far, but nothing to the extent of what we’re seeing on the internet.

Well, the story took a turn for the worst today, with gamers on the internet hurling abuse at a female developer who Bioware says wasn’t the Lead Facial Animator. Obviously, no form of abuse is acceptable regardless. We’re talking about video games here.

Aaryn Flynn, who is the GM of BioWare put out the below statement on Twitter earlier today:

What makes this story even more bizarre is the fact that it’s clear the the developer in question (Allie Marie Loest) does appear to have been a Lead Facial Animator for Mass Effect: Andromeda, as it’s written in her bio clear as day (at some point at least)

Honestly, one can’t blame her for quickly removing this piece of information from her page, with the kind of negative attention that she’s getting.

Regardless of the fact, gamers are being incredibly nasty about something that’s for the most part, incredibly trivial. Everybody knows that Bioware creates amazing experiences and worlds, and with the final game not even out yet, it’s not fair for anyone to judge.

Honestly, some of the examples are below and they’re really hard to read. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment. These are some of the more tamer responses below. We didn’t want to include any overly repulsive ones, but there were plenty to choose from.

Mass Effect Andromeda will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC mid next week. Our review will be up early next week and we’d advise that you refrain from your judgement until this drops.

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks. Stay positive, gamers.

  • Alex Pepper

    There are definitely some horrible people in the world. They most likely hold a 9-5 job, have a loving family and a pet … but something in their small mind feels it’s ok to personally attack an individual for something they themselves have no ability to do.

  • Cuzjudd


  • Matthew Wallace

    These animations though not perfect are probably done painstakingly by hand and are a massive step up from the ones that are copy pasted into games such as Deus Ex Human Revolution.

    no one has a right to be so vile about small stuff like this especially if they themselves can not do better or even worse have never tried to.

  • Luke Jones

    There not great but attacking her is not right to start.. not to mention who was the Person that signed off in the end and said yeah this is good enough couldn’t have been just her

  • DarkT

    Maybe bioware should hire successful animators with enough experience next time instead of just random people, eh? It’s a full priced AAA game, not a school project.

  • Darkri1

    You deserve harassment like this if youre expected to do your job and dont, especially if people are counting on you not to fuck up a beloved franchise for millions of people.

  • Nick Sirigos

    Horrible fan reactions.
    Not only do they not have enough insight, they personally attack individuals.

    Who’s to blame for this? Those (presumably EA), who pressed hard to release the game before its time.
    Gamers have waited for quite some time. A little more waiting to round up things and do some polishing would not hurt.

    By the way, regardless some facials, the game is great and loads of fun. Surely they will patch it in the future.