Leaked Destiny 2 Poster Confirms Release Date and Beta

It looks like we just got our first look at Destiny 2.

Leaked Destiny 2 posters have popped up online from GameStop Italy. They reveal a September 8th release date, which is roundabout where we expected Destiny 2 to release.

On the poster, you’ll see the release date at the top as well as a confirmed beta which will be taking place in June. There’s also a “first on PlayStation” logo on the poster, which means that the beta could be first on PlayStation 4.

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72cqYXIObviously, this isn’t official, but Activision has confirmed that we will be getting a new Destiny this year. It’s been rumoured that it will be releasing on PC and further to this, it appears that it will use a brand new engine which means that a lot of your equipment will not carry forward.