Wicked Witch has announced that AFL Evolution will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Friday, May 5th, 2017. The company confirmed that a PC release would come later.

Wicked Witch also detailed online play for the first time. You’ll be able to play online both competitive and co-op modes.

AFL Evolution features over 80 teams from the AFL, VFL, TAC Cup, NAB Under-18s Championships and International Cup, as well as multiple bonus teams such as the Indigenous All Stars.

The Career Mode will allow you to manage the team via the drafting and trading of players, the salary cap, training, the tribunal and much more.

You’ll be able to build a player from the ground up, then work their way up through the ranks from the TAC Cup to the elite level.

The Player Creator allows fans to create any player imaginable through a vast array of facial features, height, body type, hair, ethnicity, skill attributes and accessories. Wicked witch has also released the fan hub, which you can find on Steam HERE.

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In the development of AFL Evolution, AFL players participated in photo shoots taking place at all 18 AFL Clubs with no less than 24 cameras used to simultaneously photograph the players in order to create highly detailed likenesses within the game.

The full list of features is below:

  • REVOLUTIONARY – New gameplay system designed to capture the thrills, skills and excitement of modern AFL.
  • COMPETITION – Play full seasons with over 80 teams from the AFL, VFL, TAC, NAB U18’s, International Cup and play multiple Bonus Teams.
    CAREER – Build your player from the ground up. Experience the highs and lows as you work your way from an U-18’s rookie through to a true AFL legend!
  • MANAGE – Manage your club as the coach with drafting, trading, salary cap, tribunal, training and more. Lead your team to victory!
  • PLAYER CREATOR – Create any player you can imagine. Customise your facial features, height, body type, hair, ethnicity, stats and accessories.
  • ‘FAN HUB’ – Create your own or share community created players, teams and classic line ups. Choose from the best of the best.
  • ONLINE – Feel the adrenaline as you go head-to-head in competitive and co-operative online multiplayer.
  • INSTANT REPLAY SYSTEM – Multiple camera settings and dramatic broadcast style replays!
RELATED:  AFL Evolution Is Finally Out On PC

  • Brodie

    HOW MANY times can the AFL let this atrocious company attempt making a passable game? I was pleased when I heard that the new game will have cutting-edge futuristic features like player faces modeled on real photographs (only 19 years after NBA Live 1998); create a player (seen 21 years ago in Madden ’96); career mode (14 years after NBA 2K3); play a whole season (23 years ago in Madden ’94) etc, etc.

    I watched the AFL Evolution gameplay video and seriously…. Do a google image search for ‘Madden 07 screenshots’ and tell me this glorious new AFL game isn’t at least 10 years behind with graphics too.

    I know an AFL game wouldn’t be worthwhile for EA Sports… but couldn’t they just sell a version of their gameplay engines to an Aussie company? All an AFL game would need is the field play and movement elements of Fifa combined with the catch mechanics of Madden games. I’m not saying I could do a better job than Tru Blue, but I’d be pretty damn certain someone else could!

    I would lose my mind if someone could make a game that’s just not infuriating. It wouldn’t even need to be good. An AFL game that rates somewhere between bearable and mediocre would be a dream come true!

    • Matt

      well said.
      Same goes for NRL games.
      Not enough people in the Aussie market to cover licensing cost, and the cost of a large talented game studio spending two or three years to get the first iteration right.
      Madden, FIFA, NBA2K, etc. can really only make minor improvements or add a game mode each year because even these big, experienced studios can’t completely build a new game that’s actually decent in the time their budget would allow.