The First AFL Evolution Update Will Fix Some Major Issues

Wicked Witch has revealed that AFL Evolution will be getting a major patch on Friday, June 9th at 3pm. It will focus on the most major issues within the game. A second patch will fix some smaller issues but will come at a later time.

You can find the full patch notes below:


-Adjustments to the advantage rule.
* Added a time window where no advantage can be claimed by pressing the L3 button.
* Turning over the ball during this time will automatically trigger no advantage.

-Adjustments to interchange and AI stamina usage to increase the number of interchanges that occur.

-Decreased the kick charge times for difficulties below “Medium” to allow quicker kicking.

-Fixed an issue where players were not reset in the 3rd quarter. (Including the pro player not being put back on)

-Fixed an issue with AI goal kick accuracy on all difficulties except “Legend”.
* AI goal kick accuracy should now also be more realistic for all difficulties.

-50m penalties now have a grace period where the player can leave the area before the penalty being called.
* The player indicator will flash when you are in the penalty area.

-AI is more likely to be called for holding the ball and throwing the ball.

-Added 3.5 minute and 7.5 minute quarter length options.

-Backs and half backs are now less likely to leave their man when set to the “defending” tactic.


-Adjustments to player mark timing to make it more consistent.

-Player mark timing should be more forgiving on easier difficulties.

-The mark circle now flashes blue at the optimum timing to release the mark button.

Listed and Rookie Career:

-Added option to “simulate to next appearance” when fatigued in game.

-Added ability to plead guilty to a 1 week tribunal charge.

-Fixed an issue with pro player being injured or suspended at the end of a match, that could lead to extra quarters and a crash.

Coach Career:

-Made the AI more selective about the trades it will accept in coach career.
* Lowered the value of draft picks in the eyes of the AI.

-Adjustments to the severity of suspensions to make them more realistic.

-Fixed the home grounds for clubs being incorrect in future years of Career mode.

-Fixed excessive number of draws in simulated games.

-Team stats should have more influence on the winner and point margin of simulated games.

-Lowered the overall rating for AFL draft players.

-Fixed an issue with heights/weights not correlating to draft positions. (Ruckmen should now be taller)

-Fixed some issues causing duplicate guernsey numbers.

Difficulty adjustments:

-Renamed Easy to Very Easy.

-Added a replacement Easy difficulty that is slightly harder.

-Added a new difficulty “Challenging” in between “Medium” and “Hard”

-Added a new difficulty “Very Hard” in between “Hard” and “Legend”

-Some adjustments to AI pressure calculations.


-Fixed an exploit with maximum weight players in online gameplay.

-Fixed an issue where the ball teleported after a bump in online play.

-Fixed a multiplayer desync where a player fumbled the ball only on one console.

-Improvements to mark lag compensation to reduce ball delaying in the air.

-Marking contests should be more even between both players in online play.

-Improvements to tackling in high latency conditions.

General fixes:

-Adjustments to controller and tips instruction screens.

-Fixed an issue that could cause the ball to hang in the air.

-Fixed an issue with the Umpire missing at ball up after a goal is kicked.

-Fixed an issue with not being able to sprint when waiting for a behind kickout.

-Fixed not being able to make manual interchanges as the away team in Competition mode.

-The away team now runs on to the ground before the home team.

-Fixed the man of the match portraits being wrong when positions had been interchanged.

-Wind indicator option now correctly disables the wind indicator on the ground.

-Fixed an issue causing commentary at the end of a match about the opening bounce.

-Fixed some cases where ball would get marked as it simultaneously crossed the goal line and it was paid as a mark.

-Fixed an issue where marks could be paid, when the ball had not travelled 15m.

-Fixed an issue with commentators calling the wrong player names.

-Fixed an issue with deleting downloaded teams that could lead to crashes and general instability.

-Replay animation playback should now be smoother.

-Fixed some issues with the following trophies: “Silverware”, “The Barrel”, “Back to Back to Back”, “Tackle fest”

-Various commentary fixes.

-Various other fixes and improvements.