No Man’s Sky Might Finally Be Getting Multiplayer Exploration

Surprisingly, the No Man’s Sky community is incredibly passionate (and quite large). With the announcement that No Man’s Sky would be getting a massive anniversary update this week, the Reddit community have been trying to find any little bit of information and it looks like a few users have uncovered something major.

The No Man’s Sky website briefly housed a blog post for the upcoming ‘Atlas Rising’ update. It confirmed a lot of what was revealed on the NMS Subreddit earlier this week (new story and quick transport) but the blog post mentioned something HUGE. This is the fact that No Man’s Sky would be getting ‘Joint Exploration’ with the anniversary update.

Now, you might remember the massive ordeal with multiple before launch (and subsequently after). Sean Murray went on the record saying that there was the possibility that gamers could meet up and play together, but this was proven to be untrue after launch. This was the major issue for gamers who picked the game up and quote honestly a reason for why so many people abandoned the game, knowing that they’d never be able to explore with anyone else.

Well anyways, the leak appeared to confirm the below new features, and multiple people have confirmed that they managed to see the notes. It’s quite possible that ‘Joint Exploration’ would refer to something else, although I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Hello Games had finally integrated some kind of multiplayer (even if it was still near impossible to find someone else).

Introducing Update 1.3 Update 1.3, Atlas Rises, brings a brand new and overhauled central storyline, portals, a new procedural mission system, trade improvements, system economies, joint exploration and more. This update marks the one year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, and a lot has changed. Please see Pathfinder and Foundation for previous major updates.

  • Updated combat
  • New exploration mechanics
  • Interstellar trading
  • New ships
  • New story
  • New worlds
  • Portals
  • New/updated Terrain
  • Updated user interface
  • new/updated “Visor”
  • Visual improvements
  • “No tint”
  • Update to freighters
  • Joint exploration

All will be revealed in the next week with the update surely not too far away from being properly revealed and released. It’s surely going to be an interesting time for the No Man’s Sky community. I can’t wait to see how this potentially brings players back in.

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