This Fan Made ‘The Last Of Us 2’ Menu Has Us All Kinds Of Hyped

YouTuber Maarten Hof and ArtStation have collaborated to create original (fan-made) art for The Last Of Us 2.

The video gives us a glimpse of what the main menu could look like based on the aesthetics that were shown in the original reveal trailer almost a year ago.

We’ve not gotten anything new about The Last Of Us 2 since that initial reveal trailer at PlayStation Experience last year and quite frankly, I’m hanging to see more of the game. No game has hit me like The Last Of Us and I’m really intrigued to see where the game takes Ellie and Joel. The music in particular that is featured in this trailer reminded me just what an impact this had.

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It’s actually really interesting to see how ArtStation created 3D graphics based on the reveal trailer and this this particular YouTuber has then turned it into an animated video.